Friday, January 1, 2016

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  Rhino Shield Jax ceramic coating is an amazing product that provides real beauty real protection and real savings. All of our customers agree you'll never have to paint your house again they're very happy with my own set of this great committee meeting for you and me right here. Rhino Shield JAX ceramic coating is a highly specialized ceramic wall coating system. It's proving to waterproof insulate and beautified Rhino shield forms a protective barrier that the harshest hurricane winds and rains cannot hope to penetrate. It also provides outstanding corrosion and mildew resistance it qualifies for a class A fire rating and eliminates the need for frequent painting and maintenance. I know she'll definitely take it and say it was certainly it's lasting longer than my last paint job already and it's only four years most of the other thing jobs seem to be feeling it for years and this is as good as new paint your home for the last time with a Rhino Shield ceramic coating and enjoy the look of fresh which paint in virtually any color you desire.

 The vibrant color and durable makeup of this product starts at the molecular level up close you can see the Space Age engineered ceramic micro Spheres that serve as a base for the coat. Conventional pay to use mineral particles as fillers that are irregular in shape and size they don't pack nearly as well as are small and large micro Spheres. The more densely the coating is packed with the micro Spears the more durable it is and the secure it becomes what it drives. Also the micro Spheres offer insulation and are one of the reasons why no shield is classified as a low E. product. This adds up to substantial insulating benefits a high degree of stain resistance and a coating that lasts much longer than paint Rhino's shield. Ceramic coating is rigorously tested by Seth and a series of independent labs to ensure quality performance and dependability I believe has been Rhino Shield Jacksonville. I have just recently painted in the quality of the product the professionalism of the painters and the workers worked on a time frame and they met their deadlines and it is just an incredible team to work with. Rhino shield site preparations are second to none. We power wash the entire home removing any mold and mildew we identify any rotten damaged wood and replace what we parrot. We then employ a specialized caulking and sealant to seal everything up. All landscaping in architectural features are then covered to protect them from over spray the process continues with the application of our unique adhesive primer unlike traditional paper primers Rhino's primer penetrates into the surface and remains tacky. It feels like tight blue on the wall and is designed to eliminate peeling problems. It also seals up surface cracks and adds a layer of water protection. The final step is the application of the ceramic top coat tinted to the customer's chosen color NASCAR remains on the cutting edge of new technologies and materials and ceramics are heavily used in brake pads and fire walls for the cars ceramics offer a dramatic cooling advantages the aerodynamic corporation owns and operates NASCAR as wind tunnels. The wind tunnels are placed under dramatic stress and pressure as wind speeds exceed one hundred mph conventional paints can't stand the stress.

 Rhino Shield Jax was chosen for the coating for the inside of the main tunnel because of its superior tensile strength and tear resistance. Yes I know shelter friends and neighbors. He said many people stop by the house and asked about the paint project and we do know each person we can't help but wonder why anyone would use anything but. Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating to protect their property or business. It's tougher and more pleasing to the eye than any other product on the market. Our installers are committed to a quality customer experience and it's outstanding warranty mean to never have to paint again I think we have it and there we get paid and the bottom line as a home or commercial property owner you could potentially save thousands of dollars in maintenance costs over the life of your property and add extra value as well. Go to the Rhino Shield Jax website and discover for yourself how space science and unparalleled customer service make a Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating. The logical choice for your home.  Homepage