Thursday, December 3, 2015

Rhino Shield Protects

              How could your dog actually know Rhino Shield Jax protects your home enough to keep him calm during a thunderstorm? It's simple really. Your hairy addition to the family is very keen on his senses. Not only can they smell 200 times greater than a human, they also have the ability to know when something is not right with you. Dogs can sense fear, stress and worry by having a heightened sense of awareness.  If you are upset worried about your house leaking or getting the siding blew off he will know something is wrong and continue to bark or hide while it's storming, even when you tell him to calm down.

When you get your home protected with Rhino Shield Elastomeric Ceramic Coatings, it is like a tight flexible coat of armor shielding you against the elements. You will feel comfortable knowing your protected against rain, wind, snow and extreme heat. The difference in you can be recognized by your dog so the next time you tell him to calm down it's only rain, he might believe you!