Monday, November 2, 2015

Rhino Shield Jacksonville

In this blog I will display the gallery videos of Rhino Shield Jax. Choosing to go with a Ceramic Coating for your home instead of regular painting is a huge decision that you can only make once you have been properly informed. Due to the price difference, many might feel it is an unnecessary cost increase. Once you realize that you are making a solid investment that not only will save you money in the long run, but will increase the value of your home due to the 25 year warranty that is transferable among new homeowners. So how will going with Rhino Shield Jacksonville save you money in the long run? Let's talk about what causes your electric bill to go up in the summer. As the summer months approach many of us notice that the AC starts running longer and our bill gets higher every month. A poor insulated home will notice these changes more predominately. Most homes that are built today for $200K or less are thrown together so fast you would think they came per-assembled. One day you ride by what used to be a vacant lot and the next day there is a house standing on it. You know what I'm talking about. When a contractor builds your home he just has to get past the parts of inspection that must be completed by the county and then the walk through by the buyer. This leaves much wiggle room for cutting costs behind everyone's back. The painting is subbed out to the lowest bidder and he don't care about what happens to that house a few years down  the road. As long as the home looks freshly painted and is aesthetically pleasing then he gets a check. Game over for him. Move to the next one. If you don't specifically insist on the painter using am elastomeric ceramic coating to seal your home he is going to use the cheapest contractor grade paint made available period. That low quality paint doesn't last very long do to the Florida Sun beating on it with UV rays all year long not just the summer months. Floridians run their AC's for 8 months out of the year. If your home is not properly sealed your going to keep getting an increasing electric bill year after year. Rhino Shield Jax has the solution for you. The Ceramic coatings that are used contain Micro-spheres billions of them that bond together and form a layer that blocks and reflects back those harmful UV rays that are killing your home. This means a lower wall temperature in the daytime, resulting in the AC running less, lowering your electric bill. The coating will also last much longer since it is protected from the elements that's how Rhino Shield   can give you the transferable  written warranty, they know it's going to last.

Just look at the following.
You are buying mostly water when you buy paint but with a Ceramic Coating you are getting a much better product that won't deteriorate over time getting abused by the Florida sun. Rhino Shield products dry 8-10 times thicker than traditional paint. This means more protection on your biggest investment, your home. Take a look at the long term investment comparisons below.
If you are considering upgrading your home with the very best products available today, take a look at our gallery videos at all the other homeowners who took that first step in preserving their investment, and maintaining a beautiful home for years to come.